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Sister Wives

The Sister Wives is a collection of 4 Toronto musicians who found each other during their work in Canada’s activist student movement. Individually, their musical accomplishments are many and varied–from stoner rock bands to church organ and choral choirs. As a band they exhibit a unique blend punchy rock, political sensibilities and sassy attitude that are all too absent in today’s mainstream. To some, the Sister Wives may be another plucky “girl band”, but dig a little deeper and discover that this group has a cool and original sound that doesn’t rely on million dollar studios. For Toronto’s Sister Wives, music is their religion.


Flower Child

In the spring of 2008 Gregory Vitale began recording his CD with producer Jeff Martin (Tea Party). The cd was recorded at Jeff’s studio Kingdom Studios in Durrus, County Cork, Ireland. Gregory co-wrote the songs with longtime friend and guitarist Simon Jones along with Jeff who also played bass, lead guitars and keyboards. Drummer and Ireland native Wally Walden who also contributed to the recording sessions subsequently moved to Canada to be the backbeat of FLOWERCHILD. Kyle Texeira rounds out the rhythm section on bass guitar and Yurko Mychaluk on lead guitar. After several trips ‘across the pond’ to finish the recording in Ireland, Jeff suggested mixing the CD in Australia. They went to Studio 301 in Byron Bay, New South Wales to mix in the fall of 2009 and the debut cd is scheduled for release in the summer of 2010. Gregory’s last band Likota Son, and the single “Try”, was well received at Canadian radio and stayed in the top 20 for four months. Flowerchild is currently in rehearsals for their upcoming shows during Canadian Music Festival in Toronto and in support of their debut release “Pleasantly Cursed”.


Your New Friends


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